We need volunteers!

If you’re interested in working together to oppose policy not in keeping with our democratic principals, here are a number of ways you can help! To sign-up to volunteer just contact us at polkburnettindivisible@gmail.com.

Media Maven

  • Peruse local papers, clip articles related to MOCs, PBI (activities and members), and press opposed to efforts and groups like ours. Alert group to coverage (send email to polkburnettindivisible@gmail.com), bring clippings to meetings and we will compile them.


  • Help us to put our best foot forward by signing up to reviewing and editing content for us regularly (would be sent via email for posting on web).

Meeting Muscle

  • Help us to set-up for and clean-up after meetings!

Meeting Maven

  • Want to facilitate a meeting or three? We are willing to train new meeting facilitators as we seek to build a community equipped to take-on the challenges ahead.

Facebook Friends

  • We would love to have a night off, would you volunteer to take a day of Facebook monitoring? We’d like there to be a couple of people able to respond to basic questions, engage with discussions, and just generally be present as often as possible. All you have to do is pick your day (or time of day) that you can keep an eye on the Facebook notifications and we’ll keep track of the rest.

Phone Tree Callers

  • We are putting together a phone tree to alert members not as “plugged-in” about last minute events, like Town Halls or meeting changes. Would you be willing to play Telephone with us and be on the phone tree?


Sign up to volunteer today by contacting polkburnettindivisible@gmail.com.