Team Update

  To bring the whole team up to speed, here is a summary of our last steering committee meeting. This week is all about ACTION! Terry R. and Martha are working to coordinate visits with our MOCs will they’re on recess. Please keep an eye out for an email with further details about that. We […]

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Team Update

Each day a new outrageous confirmation, executive order, action, or tweet horrifies us. We may feel that our voices are not being heard. But… we are not alone. We are organizing and equipping ourselves with the tools and building the community we need to act. While our actions may not be getting us the results […]

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Meeting Draws Large Crowd to Luck

LUCK, WISCONSIN – February 7, 2017 An organizational meeting of Polk Burnett Indivisible, a newly-formed civic engagement group in our area, attracted close to 60 people to Luck last Tuesday evening. Part of a nationally-coordinated effort to oppose the policies of the Trump administration, the group is already planning a series of actions to let […]

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Polk Burnett Indivisible

The purpose of Polk Burnett Indivisible is to resist the Trump administration’s efforts to sow fear and division. Our actions will take many forms, but will be grounded in our shared values of inclusion, respect and fairness. We reject hatred and violence and believe there is more that unites Americans than divides us.

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Getting Started

Beginning something new is always an effort in balance, learning, and adjustment. It is sometimes filled with growing pains and even disappointment in visions not living up to reality. But, with persistence and patience, the new thing will take shape and become something of value. I ask all of you out there striving to start something new […]

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