Member Meeting Agenda

Remember our monthly member meeting is coming up on Tuesday at the Lamar Community Center. Please see below for Tuesday’s meeting agenda. It will be an action packed meeting, complete with special guest, former State Rep. Jeff Smith to talk about Citizen Action Cooperative for western Wisconsin.

We hope you can join us!

Polk Burnett Indivisible
Agenda for May 2, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
Lamar, St Croix Falls

The purpose of Polk Burnett Indivisible is to resist the Trump administration’s efforts to sow fear and division. Our actions will take many forms, but will be grounded in our shared values of inclusion, respect and fairness. We reject hatred and violence and believe there is more that unites Americans than divides us.

Welcome – focus of meeting will be on preparing for the Friday, May 12thNorthwest WI Speaks Listening Session, Siren’s Sr. Center.

Introductions (6:00-6:15) name/where from/ attend JFC (Joint Finance Committee)?

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 6th? Meet during summer?

Updates: (6:15-6:30)
Feedback on April’s meeting – preparation for JFC
Feedback on any other events attended (postcards sent in March, Tax Day march, Science March, Climate Change March)
Communication – any feedback/updates/changes/recommendations?

Presentations: (6:30-7:00)
Citizen Action – Jeff Smith
For Wisconsin’s Future – Dan Balm

Preparation for May 13th Northwest WI Speaks (7:00-7:15)
Update on format – Patti
Identify “best strategies” for having an impact by telling your story – Patti/Everyone
Review of federal vs state issues; committees local officials are on – Lynn

Break into small groups (7:15-7:45) – discuss issues want to talk about to elected officials-put as bullet points on large board; practice or get/give feedback on what people want to say
Economics / Budget
Education – Bob?
Health – Kelly
Human Rights – Jessica


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