Steering Committee Update

The PBI steering committee met on Sunday at Marceleen’s house with 14 in attendance. We discussed our Statement of Purpose and agreed that it might be good to add language indicating that our work includes state and local as well as national issues. We spent a great deal of time fleshing out our idea for a listening session, reaching consensus on the following elements:

  1. We will need a strong moderator
  2. Invite all state & federal representatives (& press)
  3. Hold in Siren area on May 9
  4. Invite other Indivisible-type groups to participate or co-sponsor
  5. Provide a forum for the respectful sharing of ideas
  6. Videotape the event
  7. Possibly organize speakers by topic

A committee was formed to work out details; they will meet, probably in the meeting room at the Pour House in Siren, next Sunday (3/26) at 1 pm.

We then worked on planning for the next monthly membership meeting, which is set for Tuesday, April 4, at 6 p.m. at the Siren Senior Center. In addition to the already mentioned listening session, the agenda will include training for the Joint Finance Committee’s state budget hearing in Spooner on April 18, as well as planning for when and if Sean Duffy decides to hold a town hall meeting in one of our counties. The steering committee will not meet again prior to the April 4 monthly meeting.

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