Daily, bite-sized actions

What’s your favorite civic action tool?

We’re all feeling called to up our civic engagement levels these days, right? And thank goodness there are people out there sharing their talents with us to make this as easy as one, two, three!

Check out member favorites here and find an easy way to tackle an action a day.

RE:ACT – a list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency.
5Calls.org – turn your passive participation into active resistance.
Countable – Contact your Reps, Influence Congress, Vote on Bills

Have a favorite tool we missed here? Share yours below!

One thought on “Daily, bite-sized actions

  1. I found a new RESIST/civic action tool! It is called resistbot. Text the word resist to 50409 and follow the directions. It is an automated system that turns your text message into faxes that is sent to reps and senators. It is VERY quick and easy. Emails, postcards,phone calls-hell we might as well ad faxes! Google resistbot.io for more info


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