Rallies & Visits

PBI gathered a small group, big on personality, to demonstrate an appeal to be heard by our hard-to-reach elected officials. The group was welcomed by local law enforcement and enjoyed “greeting” all of the event guests with their signs, smiles, and waves as they arrived at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner (Polk County Combined with St Croix County) at the St. Croix National Golf & Event Center in Somerset.

Meanwhile, inside, two local Indivisible group members were surprised by the content of the meeting. The officials boasted about their ability to “take back” the government in the last 8 years and took credit for the great turn-arounds that have been made in our state. Guests stood and cheered as Walker proclaimed, “I knew I was in the right place when I saw the protesters,” and Sean Duffy called the demonstrators outside, “communists.”

The next day the impossible to pin down Duffy, took off for Puerto Rico for a fundraiser.

The only elected official that made an appearance to talk with the group, State Assembly Representative Adam Jarchow, cut-off any opportunity to discuss issues that are facing our community and instead took the opportunity to shake hands and get back to his event. He greeted the group with division, “we may not have much in common, but I’m glad to see you here expressing your passion,” but PBI quickly interrupted his shtick with a reminder that we’re not as divided as they’d like us to be… in fact, we’re indivisible.

May the force be with you…

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