Team Update


To bring the whole team up to speed, here is a summary of our last steering committee meeting.
  • This week is all about ACTION! Terry R. and Martha are working to coordinate visits with our MOCs will they’re on recess. Please keep an eye out for an email with further details about that. We will be attempting to set-up appointments, requesting town halls, looking for where to find MOCs in public, and prepare the questions we will ask or positions we will demand statements on. JOIN THE TEAM
  • The committee identified priorities as: education, health care (including single payer and PP), and immigration. Keep in mind it is ineffective to confront MOCs on topics we can’t get a firm confirmation of position or commitment to support or oppose specific measures and a commitment to a focus on the “hot topic” of the moment (as they seem to be changing from day-to-day).
The team understands the urgency of this effort and the opportunity to engage with our officials while they’re back in WI so we are hoping to gather this week to nail down plans for direct action this week.
Other things of note:
  • Press release went out to local papers
  • Logo design approved (thank you Emily G.)
  • Download the “Signal” app to your mobile device to join our encrypted communication group
  • Patti H. is looking for “advisers” who feel comfortable tutoring others in areas such as health care, education, and more… if you’re interested let us know
  • Emails of popular Facebook articles to go out in a “weekly round-up” email
Next steering committee meeting on Tuesday 2/21 at the Wren (future steering committee meeting(s) to alternate on weekends and in siren).
So keep an eye on your email, we will have a lot happening in the next few days!

PBI Steering Committee

P.S. Contact your local reps about gerrymandering! Visit Polk County Dems for more info

P.P.S. Thank you to those volunteering on the Steering Committee and to everyone regularly participating on Facebook and sending in comments. It’s heartening to hear the wisdom of years of protest experience and advice, the great articles being shared, and the enthusiasm.

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