Team Update

Each day a new outrageous confirmation, executive order, action, or tweet horrifies us. We may feel that our voices are not being heard. But… we are not alone.

We are organizing and equipping ourselves with the tools and building the community we need to act. While our actions may not be getting us the results we seek yet – they are giving us the practice and structures we desperately need to resist.

Our officials have just finished up an election cycle, they feel secure in that. They are embolden by the bullies at the top. They feel a false sense of security to do things that the majority of the country does not want them too. But while they continue to defy the voice of the people, we continue to get stronger.

They feel our push back and are trying to send a message it won’t work – but they are wrong.

Here are some things to do as we get our next steps in order:

  • Check out the minutes from Tuesday’s meeting (thank you Angelika): February 7 Meeting Minutes
  • View the Legislators contact list (thank you Martha): Legislators Contact List
  • Note the steering committee will be meeting Sunday in Milltown at 12:30to organize some in person opportunities to engage and more.
  • Call Ron Johnson today to tell him how disappointed you are in his votes: Ron Johnson – (202) 224-5323
  • Sign up for our local League of Women Voters, a great resource in the local efforts to protect voting rights, fight gerrymandering, and so much more! Sign-up for their news alerts and DOWNLOAD FORM to join today.
  • Go to to make another call… right now.

Keep your chins up and know we’ve just begun.


Marceleen et al.

P.S.Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 18th – there are a couple of places to catch Walker (thank you Maria). More details to come!

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