Meeting Draws Large Crowd to Luck

LUCK, WISCONSIN – February 7, 2017 An organizational meeting of Polk Burnett Indivisible, a newly-formed civic engagement group in our area, attracted close to 60 people to Luck last Tuesday evening. Part of a nationally-coordinated effort to oppose the policies of the Trump administration, the group is already planning a series of actions to let Wisconsin’s U.S. senators and representatives know that there is widespread opposition in northwestern Wisconsin to many of the proposals and actions of the new administration.

Led by a steering committee of nine individuals from the two-county area, those attending the meeting reviewed the Indivisible Guide, drawn up by former congressional staffers. The handbook borrows from many of the successful tactics of the Tea Party Movement and emphasizes engagement in the electoral process at all levels as well as public actions designed to draw attention to politicians’ positions and voting records on some of the more controversial parts of the Trump agenda.

Marceleen Mosher, a spokesperson for the group, shared some of the enthusiasm generated by last Tuesday’s gathering. “First of all, everyone was amazed by the turnout. To say that we were surprised by the numbers of committed folks from around our area is an understatement. The willingness of people to work together to stop the wholesale destruction of things the majority of Americans support was heartening. This movement can only grow as the new administration rolls out its controversial plans to set back progress on all fronts and the hardworking folks of our area realize that Wall Street, not Main Street, will be the beneficiary.”

The group plans to continue to meet on a regular basis, but much of the coordination and communication will occur online. Organizers emphasize that this is an effort to resist and oppose the more egregious aspects of the Trump agenda. It is not affiliated with any political party or doctrine, but is a defensive effort to blunt the dangerous tendencies that have emerged from this administration in less than one month’s time including efforts to suppress the media and stifle dissent, nomination of cabinet members wholly unqualified and in many cases directly opposed to the mission of their departments, attempts to control the judiciary, elevation of a white nationalist to the National Security Council, and dust-ups with foreign leaders including our allies in Australia and Mexico.

“We plan a full-throated opposition to Trump’s policies on many fronts,” said Martha Kaempffer, part of the group’s steering committee. “There’s a role for everyone to play, and those who don’t feel comfortable with public opposition can put their energies into other actions. We encourage anyone and everyone who feels similarly to join us in this effort. We plan to have some fun along the way, too.” Kaempfer added that the group’s statement of purpose emphasizes inclusion, respect and fairness and rejects hatred and violence as means to achieve their ends.

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